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This document constitutes a legal agreement between the individual or organization (“Customer” or “you”) accepting these Terms of Service (“Terms”) and the relevant contracting entities as specified at Techbharti™ Company Contracting Entities (“Techbharti™,” “us,” or “we”). By accepting these Terms, signing an Order, or utilizing the Services, you affirm that you are of legal age and possess the authority to bind the Customer to: (i) the Order; (ii) these Terms; (iii) the “Service Descriptions” available at Techbharti™ Company Service Descriptions; (iv) the country-specific “Regional Supplement” available at Techbharti™ Company Regional Supplement, if applicable; and (v) the Professional Services Terms and Conditions available at Techbharti™ Company Professional Services Terms, collectively referred to as the “Agreement.”



1.1. Right to Use Services: You agree to employ the Services in adherence to the Use Levels posted on our websites, your Order, or the Service Descriptions. Use of our Services is restricted to the terms outlined in these Terms. You acknowledge our Privacy Policy at Techbharti™ Company Privacy Policy, which is incorporated by reference.

1.2. Limitations on Use: By using our Services, you agree not to modify, reverse engineer, or knowingly use the Services in a manner that disrupts networks, user accounts, or the Services. Prohibited actions also include the transmission of unauthorized material, marketing, reselling, violating laws, sending unauthorized advertising, or engaging in fraudulent activities.

1.3. Changes to Services: We reserve the right to enhance, upgrade, improve, or modify features of our Services. Material reductions in core functionality or discontinuation of Services will be communicated to you with prior written notice.

1.4. Proprietary Rights and Techbharti™ Marks: You acknowledge that Techbharti™ or its licensors retain all proprietary rights in the Services and associated intellectual property, including the “Techbharti™ Marks.” Usage of these marks must comply with our Branding Guidelines available at Techbharti™ Company Branding Guidelines.



2.1. Orders: Services can be ordered using our current ordering processes. Orders become effective on the earlier of submission or the date specified on the Order. Acceptance may be subject to verification and credit approval.

2.2. Fees and Payment: You agree to pay all applicable fees on the terms specified. Payments are final and non-refundable, except as expressly stated otherwise. You are responsible for fees incurred with other service providers. We may update prices with notice as permitted by applicable law.

2.3. Sales, Promotional Offers, Coupons and Pricing: Special pricing offers are temporary, and we reserve the right to modify or discontinue them. Terms for renewals and discontinuations are specified in this Agreement.

2.4. Disputes; Delinquent Accounts: Fee disputes must be notified within 15 days. Failure to pay undisputed fees may result in suspension or termination of Services. You agree to reimburse reasonable costs for collecting undisputed delinquent amounts.

2.5. Taxes and Withholding: You are responsible for applicable Taxes and Fees. You will pay the amounts due without set-off or deduction. We may suspend or terminate Services for inaccurate or outdated payment information.



3.1. Term: The Initial Term and Renewal Terms are specified in Orders. Termination notice must be provided at least 30 days before the term expires. Specific Service termination does not affect other active Services.

3.2. Termination for Cause: Either party may terminate for material breach, insolvency, or bankruptcy. We may terminate immediately for specific violations outlined in Sections 1.2, 4.1, 4.3, or 5.

3.3. Effect of Termination: Upon termination, your account may convert to a free version or be granted limited access to retrieve Content. Neither party is liable for damages resulting from termination, and termination does not affect claims prior to the termination date.

3.4. Survival: Certain provisions survive termination, including Sections 2, 3.3, 4, 7, 8, 9.5, 9.10, and 9.14.



4.1. Your Content: You retain all rights to your Content. We may use, modify, reproduce, and distribute your Content for Service operation. You warrant the right to upload Content and ensure it doesn’t infringe on third-party rights.

4.2. Your Privacy and Security: We maintain a global privacy and security program. Details can be reviewed in our Trust & Privacy Center at Techbharti™ Company Trust & Privacy Center.

4.3. Your Accounts: You are responsible for Service use, lawful basis for Content processing, and necessary notices or consent. We may suspend or terminate Services for harmful or suspicious activity. You agree to notify us promptly of any unauthorized access or security breach.




In connection with Service performance, access, and use, each party agrees to comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. We may terminate the Agreement immediately for noncompliance with applicable laws.